Top 20 Sources For Retail Innovation News and Views



Want to be better informed around retail tech trends in 2018? Every week at Omnifi we scour the internet for new retail and leisure innovations, focussing on the merging of offline and online channels.


Some of the best stories go into our “Internet of Place” newsletter (if you don’t subscribe already, do sign up here). Here we’ve pulled together our 20 top news sources. All these sites carry content on digital innovation in the retail and leisure sectors with an emphasis on digital/physical crossover and integration.


Please note that we’ve excluded any sources that are 100% pay-walled, or largely paid-for/sponsored content sites. If you think we’ve missed any crucial news sources, let us know


Specialist retail trade media

Retail and/or technology-focussed sites that cover multi-channel commerce innovation from a variety of angles.



Retail Tech Innovation Hub

This is a brand new site focussing solely on innovative Retail Tech. Retail Technology Innovation Hub has been set up by Scott Thompson, former Editor of Retail Systems, with the aim of becoming ‘the leading newswire and information hub for the global retail technology community’. So far, so good.


Retail Dive

Retail Dive provides daily news and analysis for the retail sector. It has a focus on technology in retail, both from a CX and operations angle, and publishes a useful newsletter. While coverage is mostly aggregated and analysis top-line, the site always links back to the full original article, so it’s a good starting point for breaking stories.  


Retail Wire

Retail Wire takes an ‘inquisitive approach’ to retail tech stories. What this means in practice is that the editors tend to encourage debate and comments, so each piece is augmented with opinions from a panel of experts.


Internet Retailing

Internet Retailing delivers e-commerce and retail news, omnichannel analysis and insight. Despite the name, their outlook is cross-channel and they cover breaking news alongside more in-depth reports and events.

Essential Retail


Essential Retail

Essential Retail is an off-shoot of the RBTE retail tech trade event, but carries a fair amount of real retail tech news stories as well as The Retail Ramble Podcast


Business of Fashion

Business of Fashion (BoF), as the name suggests, is entirely focussed on the fashion industry. BoF delivers a range of tech related coverage – spanning the fashtech gamut from store of the future to wearable tech. It’s also very slick, well written and nicely designed.




Glossy is a media brand exploring the intersection of fashion and luxury through the lens of digital and tech. They focus the digital/physical space in their Store of the Future ( section, which we find particularly useful.


Geo Marketing

Geo Marketing looks at location based marketing in its totality, and covers a lot of what might be termed digital shopper marketing, with a particular angle on tying digital channels to physical locations. We think the whole world of online-offline (O2O) integration is critical to the future success of physical stores, and while this site is published by Yext, a location services vendor, it’s still a very good source of news in this sector.




European Supermarket Magazine

ESM is Europe’s dedicated magazine for the European grocery sector, with focussed topics including consumer technology. We like it because it offers a peek into continental supermarket tech, which is arguably ahead of the UK.  


Retail Technology

Retail Technology delivers exactly what it says on the tin: the website publishes news regarding retail technology around the globe on a daily basis, with extra features like case studies and expert opinion pieces that are all free to access.



Retail trend/research companies

Generic and specialist trend/research companies that cover emerging retail technology trends.

Insider Trends


Insider Trends

Insider Trends is a retail trends specialist, focussing on retail trend tours, retail innovation presentations and trend reports. Their website carries a lot of free content. They don’t focus solely on tech, but what they do have is which is all very in depth and well researched. Their Head of Trends,



PSFK publishes a fair amount of free to access  retail technology news, as well as  in-depth analyses from industry experts and up-to-date trend reports in retail innovation. There is a fair bit of free content, but for full reports you mostly need to be a subscriber. They tend to focus on zeitgeist-type tech with an emphasis on fashion and design.  


Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter features daily doses of innovative ideas, viral news and pop culture – the business and retail sub-pages are filled with miscellaneous global retail innovations captured by their army of citizen trend spotters.



Analysts, experts and consultants

Individuals with sector expertise who are focussed on or interested in retail technology


Retail Insider

Retail Insider is a free-to-subscribe website that aims to adhere to its strap-line of ‘Taking a look behind the obvious on the high street, online and in the City’. Seasoned retail journo Glynn Davis offers up a cocktail of opinions and insights on the retail industry as well as  the ‘Innovative Retailers’ series and  ‘Digital Retail Innovations’ report.


Fung Global Retail & Technology

FGRT is essentially a platform for all things retail & technology-related, led by an international team of analysts and editors discussing industry trends and events alongside data-rich analytical reports on businesses. Of particular note is Deborah Weinswig’s weekly report.



Steven Dennis is a retail tech commentator and Forbes contributor who focuses on the ‘reinvention of retail in the age of digital disruption’.


The Retail Prophet

Doug Stephens, AKA ‘The Retail Prophet’ is a highly regarded retail thinker whose writing appears across the specialist and trade media and has made it into a couple of books. His latest, ‘Reengineering Retail’ comes recommended. This is his personal site, but contains links to his content.



General news sites

Mainstream press that has good coverage of retail tech.


The Memo


The Memo

The Memo is a forward thinking news site with reports on individuals, technology and ideas changing the world. They have a healthy interest in retail tech, including the latest technologies and shopping trends.


The Drum

The Drum is a news site for the marketing and media industries with some good coverage of retail & technology, often from shopper marketing POV.


Business Insider

Business Insider has some coverage of  general retail technology news and trends, although analysis tends to be from a US perspective.



Agency newsletters

Retail and leisure agencies that publish their own content around technology news and trends.


20 20



20.20 is a strategic design consultancy specialising in retail and leisure. They are huge advocates for new tech, and cover retail and leisure innovations in their weekly newsletter.


The Yard Creative

The Yard Creative is a design studio with a keen eye for spotting emerging trends. Their newsletter regularly covers retail technology launches and innovations.



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