World Vision: Garden of Hope store

Physical Retail Kiosk Innovation, Westfield Stratford City

Following The Story Shop in 2015, World Vision wanted to build on the original concept to create an even more engaging and unique experience that was to become the Garden of Hope. The aim was to create a retail installation that would completely immerse customers into World Vision’s global fundraising projects with vulnerable children and to deliver good ROI for the organisation.

World Vision Kiosk



Working with retail design agency The Yard Creative, the brief was to design a store that focused on integrating a physical retail kiosk with innovative interactive technology. The installation concept came from World Vision’s origins over 60 years ago and centered around giant White Jade plants, inspired by the name of the first child helped by their founder Bob Pierce.


Giant Interactive White Jade Flowers

We created larger-than-life connected White Jade flowers that moved, creating a visually interesting centrepiece. They were supported by interactive touchscreens which combined to create a unique shopper experience and made the whole unit really stand out in the mid-mall environment.



There are four different touchscreens surrounding the store ranging from 22” to 55”, all of which are  designed to draw the attention of passing shoppers and to drive footfall. From these screens users can explore the interactive map (a complete atlas of World Vision’s projects), read stories of real children from around the world and learn how they can help with humanitarian emergencies.

When the touchscreens aren’t being used, a screensaver featuring rich World Vision content plays until a customer interacts with it. The touchscreens are an easy way for customers to either find out more at their own pace or be guided by the on-site World Vision team.



As part of our test programme with Innovate UK, we decided to incorporate our Omnibeacon technology to both drive footfall and to deliver more information about the Garden of Hope installation. The physical web beacons can broadcast URLs to users’ devices without the need to install an app.

Every URL being transmitted by our Physical Web Beacons can be changed dynamically via our web platform – throughout the year we pushed several messages, i.e. our short-range beacon promoted the message ‘Give the gift of hope this Christmas’ during the festive period, leading users to a click-through link to the Christmas/new year sponsor campaign on the World Vision website.

You can find out more about our Omnibeacon project here.

Making A Donation and Sponsoring A Child

All purchases, donations and regular giving sign-ups are done on iPads, allowing for simple and hassle-free transactions, as you might expect in a future facing retail experience.

Our tap-to-donate interface, built into the garden itself, means that donations can be given in a couple of clicks and a tap. At times of humanitarian emergency we can update the app to ensure that visitors can connect with and donate to an appeal they have seen in the media.

This flexibility of content is echoed throughout the whole kiosk, with all the screens connected for remote access to update content whenever the client needs it, removing the costs and lead times associated with more traditional printed collateral and signage.

For more information about World Vision, the Garden of Hope and how to get involved, visit the World Vision website here.



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