Cisco Station-as-a-Service

Innovative Rail Passenger Portal

Omnifi was invited by Cisco along with a handful of other startups and SMBs to come up with M2M applications that can help improve the UK’s transport network in a bid to demonstrate the power of the Internet of Things (IoT). The Connected Transport Challenge tasked entrants with submitting proof-of-concept Station-as-a-Service (StaaS) applications that solve a number of real world technical issues.

StaaS is a two-year collaborative project between Cisco and is part funded by RSSB and Innovate UK, formerly the Technology Strategy Board, with the intent of creating a new technical, operational and commercial model for future stations. It is hoped entries will improve the efficiency, security, operation and passenger experience of Britain’s railways

Our Strategic Approach

Our solution for Cisco was to develop a Rail Portal concept that would provide contextual station and travel information to passengers via station WiFi Access Points. We based this on our Store Portal platform, but then integrated with a number of Station as a Service elements and unique rail specific features. 





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