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As consumers we thrive choice and variety - as a result, product ranges are getting bigger and bigger by the day. Couple this with the fact that retail space is getting smaller, and retailers are getting more savvy about what should or shouldn't be on the shop floor - and you're going to find that in shops where variants are plentiful that many of the options are only available online.

With this in mind, and with 10,000 product lines, Cass Arts wanted a tool to help their in-store staff expose the eCommerce long-tail and allow staff to advise, promote and sell across the entire range - instead of what is only actually in the store at the time.

Our solution

We worked with the Cass Art team to create and develop an iOS application, optimised for iPads. The app locks each staff iPad into a kiosk mode that features the website wrapped within a frame and a customer data capture form.  Once the staff member and the customer have found the product they want, it’s as simple as popping their email address into the form and pressing submit.

The customer then receives an email with a link to the product page to make the purchase at their convenience. To allow the business to track and attribute sales, each outbound link is also tagged by store and by colleague – allowing full transparency of sales whether they’re completed physically in the store or in the comfort of someones home.

This service is now live across all of Cass Art stores in the UK and is another service to feature on our live services which you can view here.

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