Wayfair virtually connects with customers at home!


Thanks to wayfair’s new AR smartphone application ‘WayfairView’, customers do not have to guess how furniture would look in their homes. 

How does it work?

By using the Lenovo smartphone, customers will be able to visualise furniture in their homes at full scale. All they need to do is select a product and virtually place, move and rotate it into the room. Once the customer is happy and ready to purchase they will be seamlessly connected the Wayfair’s shopping app in Google Play. Simple!

“By digitizing our vast catalog through 3D scanning, we will dramatically improve the visualization of products to create the best possible shopping experience for our customers. With smartphone augmented reality, we can take this a step further. 

– Steve Conine, co-chairman and co-founder

This will be available to customers in September 2016.



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