Augmented Reality+Retail - AR gets to work in-store

Adobe uses Hololens in retail
Adobe uses Hololens to project usage stats over an interactive mirror

AR in retail hits the mainstream

What started as a trickle is now a flood. AR in retail is gradually entering the mainstream consciousness. Even the Daily Mail is getting in on the act as they report that Amazon might be planning to sell furniture and white goods in real stores – with AR used to help customers visualise the products in their own homes.

More Google Tango trials

We’re also seeing more AR innovation from Google as they trial Project Tango AR projects with US retailers. The most recent is Lowe’s, who have launched an indoor mapping app using augmented reality. Shoppers with Tango-enabled smartphones can search for products, add them to a shopping list and locate the product within the store via an AR interface. Too bad that Tango technology is only available on two niche devices. More PR than AR perhaps, but a nice idea nonetheless, especially for cavernous DIY sheds where locating products is top of the shopper issues list.

Adobe embracing commercial retail applications of AR via Hololens

Finally, content and CRM giant Adobe is playing to its strengths as it combines visuals and marketing data in some Retail Tech focussed AR concepts that are more about commercial applications in-store rather than wizzy consumer facing experiences. It has been ‘putting the Hololens to work’ with a number of concepts. These include an experience that lets shop staff visualise shopper movements around the store through beacon and wifi analytics data overlaid onto the shop environment with Microsoft’s AR goggles. Practical, and almost scalable!

Google’s Tango phone enabling AR in retail
Google's Tango phone enabling AR in retail


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