Retail innovation - PopSpot

Pop Spots connects people to your content wherever you are by engaging with them on a channel they know, but in a place they wouldn’t expect it. It’s basically the internet in a box, taken anywhere and accessed by anyone with a connected device. So there’s no need for a network or for power – a pop-spot is completely and uniquely self-contained.

The PopSpot is basically a tiny but oh so powerful computer, something that kicks the WiFi signal out, and a small battery management pack and we developed it in-house as part of our labs programme. We think this piece of retail innovation would work well in shops as part of a digital shopper marketing toolkit. 

Out of the box

The PopSpot creates it’s own WiFi network. You log-in and upload your content; web pages, videos, vouchers, documents, forms… whatever you want to share. After you have done that all you need to do is take your PopSpot with you and turn it on to activate. Users just need to find the network and your content will be waiting for them. The PopSpot has 10 hours battery life, cross device compatibility and user data capture. All out of the box.

In the box 

Inside the pop-spot in a Raspberry Pi micro-computer, which acts as a web server. Web content is loaded onto the Pi and can be edited via the CMS. Attached to the Raspberry Pi is a WiFi unit that broadcasts a WiFi network, it’s range is between 50 and 100m. Also in the box is a rechargeable battery and some battery management circuitry. 

CMS and Analytics

You manage the content on the PopSpot just like you would update a blog. A WYSIWYG editor allows you to create pages and upload files. You update the PopSpot by connecting to its WiFi network using a laptop or mobile device. Any data you capture offline can also be accessed and downloaded when you connect. The unit also stores interaction data and this can also be accessed once you have connected to the CMS.

Potential – retail and beyond

There are many potential uses for our product. For example; Education & Outreach. Teachers and lecturers can walk into any classroom or theatre and share their slides, their recommended reading and supporting content with their connected audience. Education and outreach programmes in rural and developing countries can also benefit from this portable content platform. Users don’t even need a 3G signal, just a feature phone with WiFi capability.  We even built a website for the product.

The mark1 pop-spot. Semi-portable but fully functioning.
The mark2 pop-spot takes shape on Jack's desk
Inside the Mark2 pop-spot.

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