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Our core platform can recognise, track and analyse behaviour and manage communications with both anonymised and logged-in users as well as linking to existing CRM tools. From simple links to your existing web assets to deeper integration with EPOS, our technology can help you build omnichannel value. We can even integrate with your existing apps, launching services at key moments and giving more engaged customers an even better in-situ experience. As if that wasn’t enough, our platform kicks out oodles of actionable customer data. Detailed anonymised insight on casual customers and even more for your engaged users.

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How does it work?


  1. Take two common ingredients.
    Simply ask your customers to find the WiFi on their device, fire up their browser and they’re connected.
  2. Deliver location specific mobile content.
    Unique and familiar, the portal looks like a standard mobile site, but is unique to the location, integrates seamlessly with your other channels and delivers uniquely useful in-situ features.
  3. Get closer to your visitors.
    You can identify users by their device, recognising repeat visits. If they want more they can sign-in. Now you can tie up their experience in-situ to whatever they’ve been doing online.


Location Module
By using data from multiple access points we can provide users with in-browser way-finding in larger spaces like shopping centers and departments stores.

Loyalty Module
Digital loyalty cards, customer specific, location and time specific promotions are all possible and can be linked to other channels, such as e-mail and in-app messaging.

Content Module
The portal can link to any web based content, with traffic and downloads measured and attributed back to the user and the location.

Voucher Module
We can integrate with a range of mobile voucher providers as well as generate our own machine readable voucher codes and URNs.

Product Module
Our product module lets you link between in-store products and online product pages through a simple touch-screen interface – no QR codes, no scanning.

Our approach is bespoke, but derived from a set of core modules and technologies. We design the portal around you and your users, based on our platform and built around relevant features.


Case Studies


Exeter Street Bakery – Rewarded visits.

Exeter Street Bakery asked us to enhance their data collection capabilities and digitise their loyalty card through the Omnifi Portal+. We installed Portal+ on top of their existing public WiFi and phase one includes Loyalty, Dynamic Product and Social modules. The portal, which went live in November 2014, is a bespoke responsive web design based on our core platform. 
Local analytics allows the team to keep track of customer flows, repeat visits and even footfall outside the cafe.

Thomson Holiday Design Store – Smarter shoppers

Thomson wanted to connect with visitors at their Holiday Design Stores to better support staff and help customers start their holiday journey. We’ve installed Portal+ on top of their existing WiFi and created a holiday portal that adds an actionable layer of relevant content to the store environment. The site went live in December 2014 and is a bespoke responsive web design based on our core platform. It links users to Thomson mobile web sites and assets.

Want more information?

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