Walking App

Helping members find, join and enjoy Ramblers group walks in England, Scotland and Wales.

The Ramblers app is your expert guide to exploring the outdoors on foot, your walking companion, helping members find, join and enjoy Ramblers group walks in England, Scotland and Wales.

It not only helps members find and enjoy group walks, it also features members offers, content and acts as a digital membership card. For volunteers and walk leaders it also has a walk register function that allows group walks to be managed. We’re currently working on the next phase of the app, which will introduce more sophisticated walking and route functionality.


Tech Spec

AppsSwift for Apple users, Kotlin for Android
IntegrationsAuth0 secure login, Google and Apple Maps, Client CRM, Client Routedata source

Meeting organisational aims

Campaign engagement

Campaigns aimed at influencing policy often struggle with being perceived as abstract and slightly lofty. In many cases they can feel like an issue that “someone else” needs to deal with. The Ramblers app provides a neat, immediate way for members to reconnect and take action around organisational campaigns. It’s literally in their hands every time they get involved in a group walk.

Membership growth

Our app was designed to help the senior management at Ramblers consolidate and develop the membership base, a core organisational objective. The app does so partly by reminding members of the perks which come with membership, including discounts on gear, plus access to online content such as product reviews. This reduces churn in annual resubmissions, but also promotes peer marketing to a new audience.