Order at Table, Click + Collect, plus website

Find out how our technology can increase revenues and improve customer experiences

Our work for Chiquito

chiquito website design

Order at Table technology

As with our other TRG clients, we have implemented friction-free technology which allows guests to order from the comfort of their table. The result has been reduced overheads and a much smoother journey for the customer. Integration with a voucher system has brought a great way to generate customer loyalty.

Click and Collect

Via an integration with the iOrder API from Zonal we have implemented technology for Chiquito which allows customers to order from home. The beauty of our Click and Collect technology is that it’s a ‘win win’ situation. There are very few extra overheads, the result being an additional revenue stream.

Website design

We also designed and built a new website for the brand, using the Contentful CMS so as to allow staff to make edits as easily as possible.