Our commitment to clients

Yes, we’re a technology business, but first and foremost we’re a service business. Clients pay the bills and we take our commitment to them seriously. Our good client relations are underpinned by our commitment to the following principles.  


We care

We’re in this line of work because we want to be and we invest a lot of our time, energy, intellect and emotion in making what we do for clients the best it can be. We want clients to think the best of us, come back again to work with us, and recommend us to others. We invest in our clients’ success, because we care, and because it reflects well on us.  


We’re open and honest

We listen to clients and are also frank with them, and we encourage them to do the same back. We believe this leads to mutual trust and respect. It means we can tell clients when we think their strategies are wrong or when ideas could be improved. We don’t hide behind layers of account management, you’ll always be speaking to people who know, and who speak their mind. We admit fault, are clear on risks and manage expectations. Mutual honestly, especially in complex and business critical technical environments, really is the best policy.  


We add value

We see ourselves as specialists, dealing with emerging and niche technologies. You should employ us because we make the complex simple and do something you can’t easily do in-house or with your existing partners. If the work is mundane or could be done cheaply by someone else, we’ll tell you. We are 100% independent, with no debt or investors, which means we don’t chase work for work’s sake, or revenue without challenge. Adding value for clients equates to meaningful work for us. 


We make it fun

We don’t work to make money, we work to fill our days with meaningful activity, and if that sounds a bit out of kilter with today’s ‘high growth’ ‘exit strategy’ obsessed tech world, then so be it. We’re more interested in quality of work and quality of life, which is why we don’t employ rude people and try and avoid working with them. When the going gets tough we get stuff done, but for the most part clients should find working with us easy and fun.