Our approach

Creating better connected spaces with forward thinking clients

We started Omnifi in early 2014  because we saw a huge opportunity for technology to enhance retail and in-venue experiences. We also saw (and still see) a lot of technology driven thinking that wasn’t really being thought through from a user experience or ROI point of view.

We start with the challenge, not the technology

We can do this because, unlike lots of our competitors, we’re not pushing a single platform or solution. In fact we are happy to consider a wide range of technologies, including those provided by a growing number of specialist retail and venue technology vendors. Our unique innovation and problem solving ability comes from being able to conceive and build bespoke solutions based on 3rd party tech and our own in-house innovations. We are particularly comfortable working with mobile, IoT and screen based technologies, as well as integrating these within existing business environments, platforms, partners and processes.

Collaborative, value driven innovation

We never pretend to know your business or your customers as well as you do, or think we have a monopoly on ideas. Our approach is therefore based on learning and thinking together. That means real collaboration and building open and honest relationships with customers and partners.

We work particularly well with clients looking to innovate in their sector, drive business change and solve user and commercial challenges. Typical outputs include new and improved in-store and in-venue interactions, efficiency and closer integration across digital and physical channels.