Our Mission

We use clever technology to solve retail and leisure challenges, realise new opportunities and create better customer experiences.

Small team - big ideas

Alfredo Maria Milano

Junior Full Stack Developer

Alfredo is our Junior Full Stack Developer. He expertly crafts frontend code, and builds rigid backend services. With a past in teaching coding to others, Alfredo has a knack for working through challenges no matter how hard they are. He’s also Italian, so naturally shuns the low quality coffee in the office.

Andy Burgess

Technical Director

Andy is a senior technologist with 10 years experience in digital content, advertising and marketing. He specialises in emerging web technologies and has extensive experience in digital and mobile development combined with project and technical management skills.

Bradie Beseda

Head of Communications

Howdy from Texas! Bradie is our head of communications, focusing on marketing and business development strategies. She is in charge of getting our insights and ideas out there and helping Omnifi get noticed (for the right reasons). Born and raised in Austin she enjoys listening to country music. 

Carlos Cabello Ruiz

Lead Android Developer

Carlos is our lead Android developer and manages all of our native app builds on that platform. He has a varied background in Software development, comes from a musical family and brought his bass guitar and a love for Real Madrid from his home in Spain. He is currently on the lookout for a band.

Daniel Rose

Product Manager

Daniel is leading our Omnibeacon project. He’s in charge of testing and development in partnership with retail clients and creating a market ready service by the end of the Innovate UK funded project. He’ll also be finishing off his MBA at Imperial College at the same time. Well traveled, Daniel speaks multiple languages including fluent Cantonese.  

Jack Dewhurst

Lead Engineer

Jack is our lead engineer and takes care of our native app builds as well as our more hardware and IoT based innovations and projects. He is a seasoned app creator, having put countless apps live in the app store, for us, for himself and even for strangers.

Lina Santamaria

Project Manager

Lina joined the Omnifi team as Project Manager. She works closely with UX, design, development and QA teams to ensure the successful delivery of her projects. In her spare time she likes practicing yoga and meditation.

Nick Holroyd-Doveton

Product & Delivery Director

Nick has been working within mobile delivery for the last 6 years, mainly within the sports and leisure industries. With a strategy, design and development past, he is able to work closely with all members of the team, at any stage of a project.

Simon Donaldson

Lead Developer

Simon is a front-end maestro. He built this website as well many of our complicated and engaging client web experiences. Pragmatic and fastidious, he has fantastic reputation but questionable taste in hats.

Simon Liss

Strategy & Innovation

Simon is a forward thinking digital innovator, started a mobile agency before the iPhone was launched and in 2014 co-founded Omnifi. He can often be found talking at events (on stage, not at the back) and also finds time to lead the TLA Retail Tech group.


Best Employee

Frankie is the newest member of our team and undoubtedly most adorable. He is a mix between a Cavalier and Poodle making him a Cavapoo. Just a puppy he loves playing and attention. In his downtime when not being adored (which is rare) he enjoys sleeping and eating.