About Us

We are an independent provider of innovative digital services, we build bespoke projects for our clients, and also develop and manage a low-cost, simple and safe Click & Collect and at table order tool, Orderbee. Our focus is on products that deliver exceptional value for our clients and maintaining a team of highly skilled and happy colleagues.

Our Values

Results oriented and resourceful

We talk solutions, not problems. We work smarter to get better outcomes and give our clients more for less. Working better to deliver on time, on budget and exceed expectations.

People before profits

Our people come first. The happiness and wellbeing of our staff is more important than income and we always balance the needs of clients and the business against the needs of our people.

Humble and human

We keep it fun and friendly, aren’t arrogant and take time to bring our clients and our colleagues on sometimes complex journeys with humility, humour and fun.

Totally passionate about technology

We love new tech and using existing tech in clever ways. We keep up with the latest developments and are constantly looking for smarter solutions to problems.

Innovation with integrity

We are honest with our clients about risks and issues and manage expectations while taking a balanced "risk vs reward" approach to innovative tech and approaches.

Our Team

Simon Liss

Managing Director

Sarcastic semi-successful entrepreneur. Recent dad. Bad joke provider. 

Nick Holroyd-Doveton

Managing Partner

Client friendly tech junky, person of interest, messy haired northerner.

Emily Hoang

Project Manager

Loves tech, problems, trainers and eggs, but does not like egg on her trainers.

Jack Dewhurst

Technical Director

Born with a screwdriver in his hand. Countless Apps to his name. iOS and IoT centre of knowledge. 

Daniel Stanley

Lead Digital Designer

Easy going illustration maestro. Passionate about designing exciting, user-friendly products.

Naz Mehdi

Senior Project Manager

Softly spoken lover of music, travel and biscuits (especially shortbread biscuits).

James Collins

QA Lead

Part Disney fan, part horror lover. Enjoys investigating defects.

Niall Wallace

Technical Product Director

Half engineer, half Product Owner. Digs all things Cloud, passionate about serverless tech.

Matt Mullins

Fullstack Web Developer

Non-fiction, biographies, TV, JavaScript. In that order but not at the same time. 

Will Graham

Fullstack Web Developer

Long haired polyglot, doggy fan, fried chicken eater. 

Cosmin Mindru

Fullstack Developer


Kai Macmaster

Lead Developer


Matt Frost

Product Training & Support Manager


Mark Parnwell

Fullstack Developer


Millie Bartlett

Project Manager


Max Gee

Director of Client Success


Meredith Papanicolaou

Project Manager